How To Use Twitter On Blog

Here Are Important Strategies To Succeed Online With Twitter.

How to use twitter on blog is important as twitter is a widely known social media in the world where millions of users tweet their messages, events, news, market products, businesses and more daily.

If you have a product or you are an affiliate marketer or entrepreneur,one of the social media you should get involved with for traffic and leads to your blog is Twitter.If you have a blog and want to direct traffic from twitter there, here are some strategies on how to use twitter in internet marketing and blogs.

Lets get on with it;

1)  Show value to your twitter followers

There are many spams and links out there and it is hard to stand out and be in the spot light.The best way to get known and recognized by your tweet followers are, if you give your followers actual value.

This could be tips,advice or nuggets of useful informations. Your followers with interest in your market will actually like this. It establishes credibility and positions you as an actual expert in your industry and market.

People are more likely to listen to your recommendations in the future once you start building that trust with your followers.

2)  Connect with your followers

This is the second suggestion on how to use twitter on blog. Twitter is a social network,so be social  as it helps credibility and reputation. Ask questions and also get people to ask questions and give them great answers as it again positions you as an expert and authority figure in target market. This means you gain trust and get traffic to any links you actually put out there including your blog.

3)  Protect your business reputation

Always remember you are branding yourself as well as your business. Stay clear of controversial topics like religion,politics e.t.c or anything else that diverse your followers because, controversy in anyway may be unfriendly to part of your follower base.

Though we all have opinions and are passionate about certain topics but being controversial may harm your business as well as your business reputation which ultimately may hurt your profit opportunities.

4)  Tweet daily

In working on how to use twitter on your blog,be consistent with your tweets. Like i will suggest you try set apart 30minutes daily to interact with followers on twitter.

Answer direct messages, questions also be involved with conversations. This helps build your followers over time and also show people that you are actually there with consistent presence which helps followers relate to you.

You become a regular fixture in their tweets as they check on your tweets to your blog or any other sites rather than resenting them.

5)  Post useful links

One of the most important tips on how to use twitter on your blog, is to post useful links while you tweet. Don’t always post sales link, send out useful resources that will help other people.Re-tweet useful links others submit on twitter and as you do, you gain recognition and reputation.

You become an asset and valuable resource of your twitter followers.


Now if you apply these tweet tips in your business,and how to use twitter on blog, you will notice a dramatic rise in your trust , reputation, credibility and also trust to your links and blogs with clicks.

This is far better than putting scam links.

Stay clear of anything that may upset your follower base .

Create consistent presence,

Social Tweet

Social tweets

this often translate to more traffic for you and what ever you are promoting in your blog.

What do you think should be number 6 tips on how to use twitter on blog?

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How To Be Successful At Home Business

7 perfect strategies To Be Successful At Home Business

Know the best home business online and you can move on from there. You need home business ideas to help you select and be successful online.

Firstly, you should be able to differentiate the hype lies and scams form the really serious ones. How do you do that?

From My Experience

I have in 2 years searched for online business, something i can get engaged with,  to earn me extra cash. Really spent on systems that don’t work and make you spend more without getting satisfied results. Till i found a marketing system that works, which shows me that you don’t need to spend huge amounts before earning online.

Be Wise

To know a real home based business online, you will notice they don’t use the word or expression “Easy work”,  they are transparent with what they do, by letting you know their real purposes and what you are about to start. Meaning, nothing good comes easy,  it takes a lot of hard work to become successful.

In other words don’t be lazy or be the type that want fast cash! Be ready to work for your money. That way you won’t fall for those scams like i did and so many are still doing.

Here Are 7 Tips to be successful in home business

Tip 1 Traffic

If you already have a home based business, you should know traffic is number one priority.

How to drive traffic to your website depends on how visible you are in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many others. Your visibility about you and what you have to offer. You can post articles as a good start to sites like Ezine, Squidoo, Go-article and more also on Facebook and communicate on Twitter.

Tip 2 Targets

What you have to offer and who are you targeting?

There are certain products that certain people want. These could be weight-loss products,  skincare products, online business guides, e-books, housewares, office fixings and so on. These helps if you have a product or not. If you don’t, you can also use these tips as an affiliate marketer to promote other people products to get leads and earnings. Targeting your particular traffic or customers depends on your keyword.  Know how people search for your kind of product or service online.  This builds network marketing and helps you in starting a successful home business.

Tip 3 Your Passion

The third tip on how to be successful at home business,  is to be passionate in what you do, in that way, you can put in more efforts and better prospective  business ideas.  Do a business that you are good at and that helps build your determination.

Tip 4 Good Keywords

Use good keywords for your blogs or articles to rank in search engines. Google keywordtool helps for free. Keywords matter a lot to your business as it helps send in traffic from search engines.

Tip 5 Hard work!

Fifth tip on how to be successful at home business is to do lots of researches on your field of work as a business professional online an affiliate entrepreneur or marketer.  Things change daily so do people.  Know what you have to add or improve in your online business. “Ask not what sales can do for you, ask what you can do for sales” by   Jay Kubassek.

Tip 6 Good Communication

Relate with your leads,  customers and be of help when needed.  I believe in helping others to succeed first because they rely on you and help spread your name and product. This is part of branding yourself positively.

Tip 7 Get Organized

Most importantly on how to be successful at home business,  you should be able to organize yourself and avoid distractions as you are with your family. Have special place in the house and time table. Make it look like you are in the office, the difference is you are your boss.

Create time to shop,  take the kids to school and get them back. It’s best to work when the kids are in school if you have kids, or sleeping, also after meal time. Your partner should be able to assist too as it won’t be easy to work at home but a spouse assistance could be helpful if married with kids.

In summary, to be successful in home businesses like any other business,  you should;

Be realistic

know how to choose wisely

Choose a like-able business

Brand yourself get on social media and also visit and comment in other people sites.

Hard work on keyword search to enable your content to appear in search engine(SEO) and rank high too

Set a goal to achieve each day to have fulfilled days

And be organized try to avoid distraction.

With these few points, you are on your way to be “successful at home business”.

Visit here to get more on making money working from home

I will be glad to accept any ideas on how to be successful at home business!

What tips do you think  should be added in here? Leave your comments.

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How to make online successful earnings while networking

3 Easy Ideas On How To Make Successful Earnings Networking In Online Business.

Before you know how to make online successful earnings while networking for your business, be clear on what you want or what part to start from in online business.

Are you a part of the internet world that is working to figure out where the earnings angle are? Or are you a beginner and still figuring out where to start from in online marketing?

So much for the scams and false sayings of  “Get rich quick” or make money online, thousands, millions in days! People are now informed and tired of those lies. They want to hear and see matured marketing, articles or anything else that is useful online.

This is where the internet marketing starts and where you begin.

On how to make online successful earnings while networking, you should have a site or blog.

Yes blogging is a good place to start and using Google as well as article writing. But first you will want to decide what steps you are to take.

As a beginner, here are few steps to get you started.

Step 1: Identify yourself on social media

What idea or plans do you have? What do you think of when you hear “online business”?

You have to find, analyze online marketing business and measure the possibility of implementing that business idea. The world is full of ideas and a little idea can be a success.  In fact that idea comes from you and it’s your brand as you get on social media like Twitter, Facebook. This will bring the effects of either failure or success to how you “brand yourself” online. Many people in online busines don’t earn because of weak, wrong or no brand of themselves.

So be sure of your “Brand you” to be noticed positively for success.

Step 2: Your Personal touch

Your personality and experience. So many jump this point but it is also an ingredients to online marketing success. Though some might not find it necessary but some still might.

“Leadership and wealth has nothing to do with money but true leadership and true wealth which does include money”

It is what you provide with real inner most feeling that rewards you with gratitudes and accomplishments.

Let people interest be a part of you as that will inspire you on what to provide and work on in your next content. Read through what you are publishing or view your marketing materials to see if you were the customer what will be your reaction.? Good, bad out of point or suck!

Step 3: Hard work on your marketing ability growth

Before you can know how to be successful in online earnings while networking for your business, you need to test your skills first.Try marketing affiliate products for targets and traffic and examine how to network your success when you start your own products.Test different ideas and develop your ability to become a successful online marketer.

Use tools like Google, for good keyword search, Ping your blogs or articles, be ready to write post at least twice weekly.  That will make people visit your blog or site more. Use what i did right when i first started online and get ideas. I still use it  and it helps expose my blog till date.

Be determined and remember when the profits start coming , you get the time to relax and modify your skills because you have developed yourself on how you can rake in  traffic which eventually results to sales and earnings.

These 3 steps set you on the road to becoming an online entrepreneur on how to make online successful earnings while networking.

You Can Visit Here To Get Network Marketing Success Tips

In Summary

Having good training to help you get more knowledge and let you copy the top level successful people for a start with resources and tools to choose from top online business earners.

You can submit articles to Ezine article,  Go Articles,  Article base and so many more.

As to blogs you can ping anytime you publish a post, use, Index your blog URL at  for ranking. Open wordpress account and post blogs there to gain recognition, visit people blogs,  articles and comment. 

There are more tips and ways to to make online successful earnings while networking, and i welcome your additional points.

The computer Success

The computer success

ve Your Comments.

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